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Fluorosilicones (FLS) are a class of polymers generally composed of siloxane backbone polymers and fluorocarbon pendant groups. They are familiar because of their excellent properties such as high thermal stability, good chemical and environmental resistance, flame resistance, and surface characteristics. Currently, these materials are extensively used in a wide range of applications such as in the electronic, automotive, dairy, medical, and aerospace industries.

Typical working temperature range: -60°C to +225°C

Solvent Resistance: It is a great choice of material for specific applications where general resistance to oxidising chemicals, aromatic and chlorinated solvent bases are required.

Oil Resistence: Offering the highest level of fuel resistence makes it a great choice for static seals in aerospace fuel systems.

Extreme Temperature Performance: Fluorosilicone has a fantastic low-temperature resistance, and can be used at low temperatures of -80 °C. As well as having a high temperature stability, perfect for aviation applications. FFKM O-Rings have a high thermal and chemical resistance which makes them ideal for chemical applications

Resilience: FVMQ elastomer is a resilient compound that offers low compression set characteristics.

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