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Rubber Liners / Tyres For Ropeway And Cable-cars

Tyres and Pulley Belts

Ropeway Tyres for Sheaves

We expertise in making quality rubber products which are used in Ropeways or Cable-cars.

Our products for ropeways are as under:

➤ Rubber Liner or Tyres for Ropeway Sheaves

⦁ Manufactured from a specialty blend compound which provides excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility and can work well in extreme weather conditions.
⦁ Furthermore, we use a chemically treated fabric re-enforcement to provide adequate tensile strength for better durability.
⦁ The Tyres / Liners can be customized to different Sizes and Shapes (grooves) as per requirements

Extruded Rubber Belts or Pulleys They can be made in different design, Sizes, Hardness as requirements of the customers. They are made from high quality elastomers for excellent strength and durability.

Rubber Bushes, Gaskets and Seals