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Electrical Products

Rubber Components DFr Electrical Control And Switch-Gear Products


Gaskets For Enclosures, Junction Boxes


Station and Junction Gaskets (U-Type, C-Type, A-Type)

➤ We expertise in manufacturing high quality rubber parts which are used on a heavy scale in Control & Switchgear products.

➤ Our products are RoHS compliant and IP 65 test approved.

➤ Our rubber products are used on a large scale in the following electrical items:
Control panels, Push button switches, Junction boxes, Enclosures, Light fittings, Luminaries, Flame-proof equipments, Transformers, Cable glands and many more.

Our key products for the above applications are:

O-ring, V-Ring

Actuator U-seals, Key Selector U-seals, Twin type U-seal, Belt ring, Rubber Bands, Diffuser Washers, Actuator Diaphragms

Soft Rubber Cords (solid & sponge type)

Boots, Dust Covers (All color & Transparent) for 22, 22.5 & 30.5mm push button switches

Bellows (All color & Transparent)

Station Cover Gaskets

Extruded Strips (round, half round, square or any other shape)

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