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Rubber Products (Lip Seal Door Gasket) For Textile / Dyeing Machinery


Silicone Lip Seal (Cross Section profiles)


Round and Custom profile Seals


Square and Rectangle Gasket

We manufacture Rubber components which are used in various types of Textile and Dyeing machinery for effective sealing. These components are manufactured from Silicone Rubber which is non-toxic and food grade in nature. Silicone has a wide service temperature range (from -50°C to 300°C) and good resistance to oil, steam, solvents and chemicals.

These rubber components are used in the following products:
Jet Dyeing Machine, Yarn Dyeing Machine (H.T.T.P), Yarn Steaming Machine, Flow Dyeing Machine, Autoclave Machine, and various other related products.

➤ Door Lip Seal (Endless Gasket) made from Silicone Rubber through Step Moulding process, which makes it durable and provides effective sealing. They can be made in different designs and sizes as customer requirements and specifications

➤ O-Rings and Gasket (made from Silicone, EPDM, PU, NBR and various other elastomers)

➤ Silicone Flat (Rectangle/Square) and Round Rings can be made in both solid and sponge materials in different sizes (cross-section) and different colours as per requirements.

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