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Silicone Gasket, O-rings and Seals

Coloured And Transparent Silicon Tubings

Tri-Clover Gaskets

➤ We expertise in manufacturing high quality rubber parts which are used on a large scale in the PHARMACEUTICAL industry.

➤ Due to the non-toxic & food grade nature of our products, they are autoclavable & comply with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 USP class VI.

➤ Our rubber products are used on a large scale in the following Pharmaceutical technologies:
Bulk Drug equipment & machinery, Dairy Product machinery, Packaging Machinery, Granulation equipment, Heat Exchangers, Dryers, Filtration Process Plants, Compressors, Filling machinery, Mixers, Heating & Cooling Chambers, Sanitation equipments and many more.

Our Key products for the above pharmaceutical applications are ::

O-rings (1mm to 1000mm dia), U-V Seals, Wiper Seals, Oil Seals

Gaskets : Filtration gasket, Flange gasket, PCD hole gasket, Autoclave & Tri-clover Gasket, PHE gasket, T-type & D-type gasket, Notch-Filter gasket, Body gasket, Envelope gasket, Door gasket

Diaphragms (teflon laminated, metal bonded, fabric & nylon re-inforced)

Transparent & Colored silicone tubing, Door-beading gaskets, cords, strips & other extruded profiles.