EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)


(Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a polymer that exhibits outstanding properties. It has exceptionally good weather aging resistance as well as resistance to water, chemicals, and ozone. EPDM also shows an excellent resistance to gas permeability and aging due to steam exposure. It is an excellent polymer to use in high temperature applications as it is heat resistant up to 350°F. Ethylene Propylene provides poor resistance to oil and solvents; however it is fairly good in its resistance to ketones and alcohols. In general, EPDM has dynamic and mechanical properties between natural rubber and SBR.

EPDM products can be used in the production of extruded rubberor molded rubber products and are used in many static and dynamic applications

  Applications :
EPDM's properties allow it to be a widely used, highly versatile, synthetic rubber in both specialty and general purpose applications. Since EPDM can be processed to meet a number of different requirements, it has been adopted by many industries for a number of applications including:
Automotive weatherstripping        
Glass-run channels        
EPDM Grommets        
Automotive seals        
Radiator, garden and appliance EPDM hoses        
EPDM Tubing        
Electrical insulations and stinger covers
Roofing membranes
EPDM belts
Plastic impact modification
Rubber mechanical goods
Water system O rings and hoses
Ozone exposure applications
Automotive cooling systems
Molded Rubber Products
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